Work Exchange

We are looking for passionate, playful individuals interested in their spiritual evolution and self-discovery. We place importance on being present to how we are feeling, what we are seeing and what our needs are while working together in a highly productive and inspiring environment that we create together.               […]

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Our Facility

Chuckleberry operates a year-round microgreen business, bringing farm-fresh microgreens to restaurants, retailers, and ski lodges in the Kootenays and Okanagan. Growing our microgreens indoors in a secure, controlled environment allows us to supply our customers with a steady supply of microgreens year-round. We also have extensive south-sloping gardens used primarily to feed the community.   […]

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence flows from our capacity to be with what is actually true in this present moment. This somatic-based intelligence requires a slowing down to body time and a tracking of sensations, feelings and stories alive in the moment through the lens of kind observation. Our Emotional Intelligence Groups are designed to support being seen […]

Connected Community Living

You are invited to participate in a farm-based relational lifestyle that is infused with support for communication that acknowledges feelings, values, needs, and the presence of trauma in our embodied experience. At Chuckleberry, we are creating a relational, centered, and sustainable lifestyle that we have found naturally catalyzes the evolution of human consciousness. We intend […]


We eat what we grow first, then we eat local food in season when possible. We grow and make as much of our own food as possible. We trade micro-greens for many items and purchase from stores as little as possible. We seek to eat how we might eat if corporate grocery stores didn’t rule […]