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2018 Workshops on Sustainable Living

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2018 Workshops on Sustainable Living

Chuckleberry Sustainable Community

& Education Society Hosts

Workshops on Sustainable Living

with Small Footprint High Yield Gardening Intensives

May 20th & June 3rd

Chuckleberry Community Farm is a local year-round commercial producer of Certified Organic microgreens. Chuckleberry is pleased to share their discoveries of how to live a more wholesome, eco-friendly & sustainable life through two upcoming all-day gardening intensives.

Chuckleberry Farm has expanded its microgreen production from the Kootenays over into the Okanagan and beyond. The farm’s continuous expansion is because of inspired rigorous experimentation of both their growing practices and the community teamwork behind it all. Following up on last year’s three successful gardening workshops they are offering two — all-day, gardening intensives to help gardeners of all levels kick off the spring with inspiration and education for successful gardening practices to create your best gardens ever!

Participants will go home with a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as, complimentary sturdy garden starts.

Creating a Successful 4-Season Garden — Sunday May_20th

Learn how to:

  • Build insulated raised bed hoop houses for season extension
  • Use effective hands-on transplanting techniques
  • Create soil from local recourses
  • Do green manure cropping
  • Implement Bokashi composting
  • Grow year-round microgreens

Participate in an interactive garden tour

Small Footprint, High Yield Gardening — Sunday June 3rd

Learn how to:

  • Grow squash in straw while generating nutrient dense soil
  • Produce higher yield with a smaller foot print by gardening vertically
  • Successfully transplant with large healthy starts
  • Do high speed composting
  • Grow year-round microgreens

Participate in an Interactive garden tour

Each workshop includes a: homemade organic lunch and strong garden starts to take home. Workshops run from:10-4pm $75. For more information and to register call Jon at (250) 359-6669

Sponsored by:

Chuckleberry Sustainable Community Education Society