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Testimonial from Nick

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Volunteer Winter 2019

Going to Chuckleberry was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. Looking back: I can now look back with clarity and see how this was the right step in my journey to reach my full potential – reaching my inner self, connecting to the consciousness and overall learning skills that I will need to create my own community.

The biggest takeaway I have from this place is the inner work we were able to learn. The tracking in the morning was a big eye opener for me. So soothing for the body and mind, a form of meditation – connecting me to the present and also giving me a chance to express how I feel that morning. And in return, connection with everybody and their consciousness, creating a sense of solidarity.

The Emotional Intelligence is a brilliant type of therapy, and would probably change the world if more people were doing it. So many people have dark places they are afraid to attend to, and for me it seemed so efficient to getting to know people. It literally felt like I knew some of my partners [from the workshop] better in 2 hours of EI than my current friends.

The breathwork was an incredible experience! Scary but so fascinating. Who knew we have that much energy in our body at any given moment ?! And all the things I learnt about building. Laying floors, fixing the siding of a house, chainsawing etc. Everything to get me ready for my own place.

And lastly: thanks for providing a space where a group of people with different personalities can live in harmony without fear of getting judged. Only living with acceptance of each other and love for each other.

Thank you Jon!

Testimonial from Ida

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Volunteer Winter 2019

You know when something amazing happens in your life that seems to happen at the right place and time in your life, that’s certainly what happened to me when I arrived at Chuckleberry. I’ve learned so much here, both about myself and other and also got so much inspiration about living in a community.

One thing I really love about this place is how safe I always feel being around people here. It’s like this place just has a “non-judgmental vibe” that shines through everywhere, making it ok and easy to be vulnerable and exactly who you are. Especially when it comes to feelings. I have always had a hard time expressing and showing my feelings and especially talking in front of big groups is something I’ve been terrified of all my life.

And it’s such a shame since I always had a lot of creative ideas and things to share, but always been afraid to do so, and skipping a lot of opportunities to “speak out” because of my fear. Chuckleberry has been such a great opportunity to practice this in a safe environment and I’ve come to the conclusion that my fear is just in my mind making stories and barriers saying that “I can’t do it”… and I’ve realized that it’s not true at all ! Overcoming this fear and understanding more about my emotions and the mind is something that I’ve been able to do in the Emotional Intelligence every Sunday.

There is so many things I’ve learned by being here, but just to mention some of them that are very important to me, here they are:

  • One of the most important things about successful communities is the way we communicate with each other and showing and talk about our triggers and emotions
  • Insights about past traumas and ideas on how to deal with them
  • Learned that actually I’m a good leader, even though my mind always been trying to tell me that I’m “too weak” or “too sensitive” or “too shy”
  • A way of letting all my creativity out that I’ve been holding on to by singing, playing music and writing…having so much fun <3

And the last thing I want to mention is how grateful I am for connecting with all these wonderful people in this community….you all mean the world for me giving so much love, inspiration and wise words and supportive discussions.

It’s been an unforgettable experience.

Thank you all <3 <3

Sending you all my best wishes and love and light <3

Testimonial from Stephane and Charline

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Volunteers from mid Fall 2019

That’s a wonderful place, you feel like at home and sometimes better. The guys are very amazing and very nice with a lot of compassion for everyone. It’s more than a family because you can talk about everything with ease and without being complex. They know how to listen to you by sharing their experience and way of seeing life. It’s a rich experience.

We stayed three weeks, it was too short but intense. We felt a lot of things about ourselves and sometimes more, like about the nature around us. We were able to express ourselves as we never really do elsewhere. We got to see that we need to listen our body to be able enjoy things.

And the food is really good. We taught some people how to make sourdough bread and we learned the new recipes to experiment at home.

You can play music, draw, sing, practice yoga, meditation or anything else.

About the garden’s work, it’s very interesting. We learned different ways to work in garden, good things to do in our garden in France. Sometimes, it’s very hard and you need strength, but that’s the reality of garden work. If you want to eat vegetables, you must learn to dig.

But Jon is a great person and he knows to listen and understand everyone. If you have a request, a pain some where or if you’re tired just tell him.

So we could write more than that about the community but I leave you to discover your own experiences.

Thank you and take care of you

Testimonial from Tiffannie

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Intern, Summer 2017 – Spring 2018
Volunteer, early Spring 2019

Chuckleberry creates a safe space for people to get to know themselves and to love them selves unconditionally. Living in community creates the opportunity to build deep and meaningful relationships with the people around you and with the land we are living upon. Feeling connected to ones self, within a community and with Mother Earth has deeply helped me on my healing path. A big thank you to Jon and too the amazing and inspiring community at Chuckleberry!

Testimonial from Sherri

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Volunteer Fall 2019

I have had several workaway experiences and my time at the farm is one of the best experiences I’ve had. I stayed here for two months and would have loved to have stayed longer had winter not come around. This community is welcoming and beautiful and it offers as much as you are willing to be open and accept. This is the place for finding your truth and exploring those difficult places in yourself while being supported and encouraged from the outside.

The work is organized, interesting and there is lots to learn. I very much enjoyed work with the microgreens along with various outdoor tasks like pulling artichokes, preparing holes, clipping basil, carrying hoop houses, shoveling manure, planting peas, etc. There is a lot of variety in the work. Jon has created a blooming community that is suitable for all ages and all walks along the path of personal development.

Testimonial from Jessy

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Volunteer Summer/Fall 2019

Where do I start..!

Chuckleberry is an extremely special place. I will be forever grateful that I had the opportunity to be apart of this farm and community. The things I learnt about myself, the connections I made with people and the space John has created is something out of a dream.
 I’ve never been so in touch with myself from cutting out all the distractions that life usually puts in my way. Learning to be fully present in the moment is something I could practice often while being there. I found clarity in my thoughts, an openness in my heart to communicate my feelings and and overall pure contentment with how simple life is.

I would recommend everyone in the world to go to Chuckleberry. It changed my life for the better. The best thing is the lessons I learnt at the farm I am now taking them with me into my daily life and my brighter future.

Every morning there is a opportunity and space to have time to do your daily practice and quiet time. In the evenings things like dancing, music, puzzles , workshops, what ever creative things you want to do!

ALSO the food is non stop DELICIOUS, so many great inspiring cooks and so much love put into all the meals and sweet treats!

Thank you again John for creating a warm, loving, open space. And thank you to the beautiful community for supporting my on my journey. You all have a special place in my heart. Forever and ever grateful.
Much love