Volunteer Summer/Fall 2019

Where do I start..!

Chuckleberry is an extremely special place. I will be forever grateful that I had the opportunity to be apart of this farm and community. The things I learnt about myself, the connections I made with people and the space John has created is something out of a dream.
 I’ve never been so in touch with myself from cutting out all the distractions that life usually puts in my way. Learning to be fully present in the moment is something I could practice often while being there. I found clarity in my thoughts, an openness in my heart to communicate my feelings and and overall pure contentment with how simple life is.

I would recommend everyone in the world to go to Chuckleberry. It changed my life for the better. The best thing is the lessons I learnt at the farm I am now taking them with me into my daily life and my brighter future.

Every morning there is a opportunity and space to have time to do your daily practice and quiet time. In the evenings things like dancing, music, puzzles , workshops, what ever creative things you want to do!

ALSO the food is non stop DELICIOUS, so many great inspiring cooks and so much love put into all the meals and sweet treats!

Thank you again John for creating a warm, loving, open space. And thank you to the beautiful community for supporting my on my journey. You all have a special place in my heart. Forever and ever grateful.
Much love

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