Testimonial from Nick

Volunteer Winter 2019

Going to Chuckleberry was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. Looking back: I can now look back with clarity and see how this was the right step in my journey to reach my full potential – reaching my inner self, connecting to the consciousness and overall learning skills that I will need to create my own community.

The biggest takeaway I have from this place is the inner work we were able to learn. The tracking in the morning was a big eye opener for me. So soothing for the body and mind, a form of meditation – connecting me to the present and also giving me a chance to express how I feel that morning. And in return, connection with everybody and their consciousness, creating a sense of solidarity.

The Emotional Intelligence is a brilliant type of therapy, and would probably change the world if more people were doing it. So many people have dark places they are afraid to attend to, and for me it seemed so efficient to getting to know people. It literally felt like I knew some of my partners [from the workshop] better in 2 hours of EI than my current friends.

The breathwork was an incredible experience! Scary but so fascinating. Who knew we have that much energy in our body at any given moment ?! And all the things I learnt about building. Laying floors, fixing the siding of a house, chainsawing etc. Everything to get me ready for my own place.

And lastly: thanks for providing a space where a group of people with different personalities can live in harmony without fear of getting judged. Only living with acceptance of each other and love for each other.

Thank you Jon!