Volunteers from mid Fall 2019

That’s a wonderful place, you feel like at home and sometimes better. The guys are very amazing and very nice with a lot of compassion for everyone. It’s more than a family because you can talk about everything with ease and without being complex. They know how to listen to you by sharing their experience and way of seeing life. It’s a rich experience.

We stayed three weeks, it was too short but intense. We felt a lot of things about ourselves and sometimes more, like about the nature around us. We were able to express ourselves as we never really do elsewhere. We got to see that we need to listen our body to be able enjoy things.

And the food is really good. We taught some people how to make sourdough bread and we learned the new recipes to experiment at home.

You can play music, draw, sing, practice yoga, meditation or anything else.

About the garden’s work, it’s very interesting. We learned different ways to work in garden, good things to do in our garden in France. Sometimes, it’s very hard and you need strength, but that’s the reality of garden work. If you want to eat vegetables, you must learn to dig.

But Jon is a great person and he knows to listen and understand everyone. If you have a request, a pain some where or if you’re tired just tell him.

So we could write more than that about the community but I leave you to discover your own experiences.

Thank you and take care of you

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