Testimonial from Mishale

Volunteer, Winter 2020

Somewhere in the mountains, surrounded by trees, you will find yourself in a special place.
Entering this place, you will find that time works differently there.
Almost as if entering a different time space reality, haha.
A place that feels like home.
You will find people connecting with each other, with ALL of what they are, and embracing all of those parts.
People who share with each other their deepest parts of themselves.
Their vulnerability.
Who hold space.
Who make you feel save.
Save to look at all that there is within you, and work through any challenges you may be facing, and supporting you with your sometimes uncomfortable journey on freeing yourself from any baggage you may be carrying around with you.
A place where you’ll connect to nature.
To silence.
Where you will find a lot of laughter and joy and ease amongst a lot of depth.
Where you feel simply free to BE.

I spend the last 5 weeks here and don’t have enough words to describe this incredible experience I had at this wonderful place.
How much I’ve learned and am taking from it.
How much I appreciate and love everyone in the community, for it’s them who made my experience so very valuable to me.
Parts of me feel truly transformed, and I’m still reveling in all these beautiful moments I experienced here that will now turn into beautiful memories that I will always carry with me.

Thank you to everyone and I miss you all already,

with mountains of love and appreciation,