Volunteers Spring 2020

This place was beyond anything we ever could have anticipated…

We came to learn about growing microgreens and living in community, and we left with such an expanded understanding of ourselves. We had been traveling and searching for who we really are and we found it at this little community in Nelson. This place is perfect for cultivating emotional and spiritual growth and has completely refined what it means to be in relationship with yourself and others. The environment Jon has created is so conducive to making meaningful connections, the feelings of safety, security, and vulnerability are unimaginable, this is a place where you can truly be yourself and learn what it means to be whole and human.

If you come here your consciousness is sure to expand whether you like it or not. Jon is an incredible mentor and friend with so much wisdom he deserves to be right up alongside Eckhart and other spiritual teachers of this generation. The adventure is not easy one and will push your boundaries every step of the way, but it is such a worthwhile trip. When we first arrived this place felt foreign to anything we’d experienced in the past. We planned to stay for three months, ended up staying for five and when we left everyone there was nothing short of family. The relationships and connections you will make here will probably be deeper than most in your life and my god is it fulfilling. We would highly recommend this place to anyone we come in contact with, it is a safe haven for anyone willing to explore alternative ways of living and themselves.

Thanks, Jon and everyone else for pushing us to grow, we definitely left as better people.

Much love, Emily and Matt <3

ps. Emotional Intelligence is awesome 🙂

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