Volunteer Spring 2020

This is a magical place. If there’s a realm beyond what we perceive in our daily life, you’ll probably get a taste of it there.
It is a Farm where you can cultivate your mind, experience yourself from a whole different perspective and finally, if you stay long enough, grow beyond the person, that you were, when you entered this place. The layers of your rational mind are getting peeled off, one by one, until your true, loving self starts to shine through that thick shell, that you grew in society.
I spent 3 months at this place, and that time was one of the most unique phases of my life.
For every traveler, who’s looking for a place of spiritual growth, thats for sure the place to be.
We were a fun quarantine gang, the connections you make with people at this place are of a deeper nature, than most other places, since the Emotional Intelligence Trainings every week welded us together on the most transparent and honest level, without any masks and makeup.
I’m grateful for every character I met at this place, and for Jon and the environment, that he creates, that made the experience possible.
Last but not least, the food is for the gods. You’ll probably gain some weight 😉

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