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Testimonial from Flore

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Intern 2020

Are you really ready to look at yourself? To not only have a closer look at your true gifts but especially your triggers, fears, patterns and all the drama the mind creates? Chuckleberry Community Farm is a safe place where you have the opportunity to discover the power of connection. I will never forget the loving energy pouring out of my chest over and over again after every weekly Emotional Intelligence Workshop. If you dare to take on the ride Chuckleberry helps to provide, it may be the first place where you actually feel seen, heard and understood – by JUST being yourself, with all the light and shadows you are. It might also be the last place, but at least now you know what if feels like to be alive so you won’t have to continue living a life made out of concessions. While you are living a simple life, as you are sharing accommodation and working on a highly productive farm it may actually feel FULL and natural because of the deep connections you get to share with deeply hidden parts of yourself that finally feel safe to come out. If all of this sounds super crazy and at the same time in a weird way familiar to you, I highly recommend contacting the community to find out if it’s for you. I did this once and even came back 3 times to continue the journey.