About Us

Chuckleberry is a community of inspired, clear-minded individuals creating a relational-centred, regenerative lifestyle that naturally catalyzes the evolution of human consciousness. We are enabling the old paradigm to fade away by not fighting against life as it is. We are allowing a practical yet magical nature to guide our way.

From our earthy off-grid farm setting in the Selkirk Mountains we supply the Kootenays and Okanagan with organic microgreens. We grow year round in our annualized geo solar greenhouse that is predominantly heated and powered by the sun.

Even though we grow a wide range of nutrient-dense organic vegetables and microgreens, the primary crop that brings us the most fulfillment is the evolution of human consciousness. This crop we cultivate daily through our choice of presence with our feelings and perceptions. We are learning to relax into our uncomfortable feelings and own the projections that often stem from these feelings.

We provide healthy lifestyle choices and limit choices that are less supportive to our intention of nourishing the inspired evolution of consciousness. We intend to fully inhabit our lives in all of their beauty and their challenges. We choose not to medicate our uncomfortable feelings but rather to develop our capacities to fully welcome all of the learning that comes through honestly facing all that’s inside of us. We cultivate presence, awareness and a sincere interest in our own self-discovery.

We provide a smoke, drug and alcohol free environment. Our lifestyle supports presence with ourselves through practices of Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation, as well as sharing meaningful work together that also creates greater sustainability and food security. We believe that we are rapidly coming into a time on our earth where our capacity for presence with enormous change, as well as the ability to provide for ourselves will be essential.

People come to Chuckleberry not just to learn about sustainability and organic food production. People are encouraged to learn how to relax into all of what they are feeling, and are supported by example and by in-house workshops to embrace uncomfortable feelings and learn through them.

When people come to Chuckleberry they are choosing for the time that they are here to experiment with attending to all of what is inside of them. This means refraining from avoiding or medicating what arises from within. Through this process we have found that people make deeper contact with their own simple, magical nature that guides them.