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Testimonial from Flore

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Intern 2020

Are you really ready to look at yourself? To not only have a closer look at your true gifts but especially your triggers, fears, patterns and all the drama the mind creates? Chuckleberry Community Farm is a safe place where you have the opportunity to discover the power of connection. I will never forget the loving energy pouring out of my chest over and over again after every weekly Emotional Intelligence Workshop. If you dare to take on the ride Chuckleberry helps to provide, it may be the first place where you actually feel seen, heard and understood – by JUST being yourself, with all the light and shadows you are. It might also be the last place, but at least now you know what if feels like to be alive so you won’t have to continue living a life made out of concessions. While you are living a simple life, as you are sharing accommodation and working on a highly productive farm it may actually feel FULL and natural because of the deep connections you get to share with deeply hidden parts of yourself that finally feel safe to come out. If all of this sounds super crazy and at the same time in a weird way familiar to you, I highly recommend contacting the community to find out if it’s for you. I did this once and even came back 3 times to continue the journey. 

Testimonials from Amanda

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People including myself get lost in this world so easily and not being fully present, not aware that we are infinite beings and creators of what is. Chuckleberry Community Farm is a place that really allows you to explore your true self and connect deeply with others who can share, grow, and learn together lovingly. Chuckleberry is a place that brings one back to balance bringing insight, value, purpose, expansion, power, wisdom, knowledge and a know-how, that all is fine in your world. From myself and observations after being at Chuckleberry, you may shine, break addictive behaviors and bad habits, break free of completion and attachments, scarcity, lack, hardships, etc. and your entity will rise.

Testimonial Marcel

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Volunteer Spring 2020

This is a magical place. If there’s a realm beyond what we perceive in our daily life, you’ll probably get a taste of it there.
It is a Farm where you can cultivate your mind, experience yourself from a whole different perspective and finally, if you stay long enough, grow beyond the person, that you were, when you entered this place. The layers of your rational mind are getting peeled off, one by one, until your true, loving self starts to shine through that thick shell, that you grew in society.
I spent 3 months at this place, and that time was one of the most unique phases of my life.
For every traveler, who’s looking for a place of spiritual growth, thats for sure the place to be.
We were a fun quarantine gang, the connections you make with people at this place are of a deeper nature, than most other places, since the Emotional Intelligence Trainings every week welded us together on the most transparent and honest level, without any masks and makeup.
I’m grateful for every character I met at this place, and for Jon and the environment, that he creates, that made the experience possible.
Last but not least, the food is for the gods. You’ll probably gain some weight 😉

Testimonial Clément and Maude

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Volunteers Summer 2020

Dear Chuckleberry Community farm,

When we came here, we had in mind quite a work driven experience and tons of learning about farming in a conscious mindset. We ended up having one of the best surprises; getting the chance to discover more about ourselves and about authentic people with whom we had amazing conversations: talking about food in another way, about old negative patterns in  life, about positivity, sustainability and much more. Time  is warped at ChuckleBerry, as you see the days go by and the weeks passing, you can really feel, deep in you, the process of your whole being going through a lot of personal growth.

It was amazing and enlightning to see the effects that a healthy community can have on a single soul. Even more amazing to bring our time and support to a farm like this, helping it grow and change the world, one person at a time.

Clément and Maude.

All the best to you all.
Stay safe and stay your awesome selves.

Testimonial from Emily and Matt

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Volunteers Spring 2020

This place was beyond anything we ever could have anticipated…

We came to learn about growing microgreens and living in community, and we left with such an expanded understanding of ourselves. We had been traveling and searching for who we really are and we found it at this little community in Nelson. This place is perfect for cultivating emotional and spiritual growth and has completely refined what it means to be in relationship with yourself and others. The environment Jon has created is so conducive to making meaningful connections, the feelings of safety, security, and vulnerability are unimaginable, this is a place where you can truly be yourself and learn what it means to be whole and human.

If you come here your consciousness is sure to expand whether you like it or not. Jon is an incredible mentor and friend with so much wisdom he deserves to be right up alongside Eckhart and other spiritual teachers of this generation. The adventure is not easy one and will push your boundaries every step of the way, but it is such a worthwhile trip. When we first arrived this place felt foreign to anything we’d experienced in the past. We planned to stay for three months, ended up staying for five and when we left everyone there was nothing short of family. The relationships and connections you will make here will probably be deeper than most in your life and my god is it fulfilling. We would highly recommend this place to anyone we come in contact with, it is a safe haven for anyone willing to explore alternative ways of living and themselves.

Thanks, Jon and everyone else for pushing us to grow, we definitely left as better people.

Much love, Emily and Matt <3

ps. Emotional Intelligence is awesome 🙂

Testimonial from Thais

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Volunteer from Februari 2019 till Februari 2020

After having been there for one year, I can say that I have an unconditional love for the farm, for the people that I met there and for Jon, who more than being the owner of the place, he became the person that guided me in the most beautiful self-discovery.

I never thought of being in the farm for than 3 months, but every time that I thought to leave, I discovered a new challenge inside me. From my experience, the most incredible thing about this place is that it gives you opportunities to be present with every part of you. And even better, you can do it in a safe and supportive environment, where you find that there are others feel like you and you are not alone. At Chuckleberry situations that are perceived as obstacles, become a source of learning and allow you to connect more and more with who you really are. In this farm, you are welcome to be yourself without any fear of being judged. In this way, I never felt more free!

So get ready not only to learn about sustainability, or to work in the greenhouse with the most magical and fierce microgreens; to be smelly after hard work in the compost room, or to work outside with the snow in the winter and with all the vegetable in the summer. Prepare yourself for the challenges of self-discovery, for the creation of  new relationships that will become like family bonds, for the most healthy connections and communication, to explore the word beyond your barriers, to leave behind for a moment the craziness of social media to be completely enjoying the present moment, to eat delicious and healthy food facing the most beautiful view you can ever have; to start the mornings with a sky painted in orange and blue and to go to the bed with a sky full of stars. Get ready to improve your cooking skills, exercise your body, mind and emotions; to not to be afraid of being vulnerable and to be able to create empathy and compassion for others; to see how the time changes drastically, to have always somebody to support you, to dance, meditate, sitting outside to enjoy the sun or inside next to the chimney; to read a book on the sofa or do yoga in the practice room; to fall in love, laugh, cry, for the most emotional moments of happiness, joy and peace, and for a journey full of adventures and love.

Being part of the Chuckleberry community is something that I will never forget!

Testimonial from Clara

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Volunteer, Winter 2019/2020

Well… I`m writing this review mainly out of two reasons: 
One is that I want to contribute to the amount of information that other fellow human-beings who are considering coming to Chuckleberry have access to. 
And then – even more importantly – because I feel like this is the least I can do after my depart. I really feel the desire to express my experience with this place…
But I find myself struggling with this.
Actually, it has never been harder to put my feelings into words.
All I can say is that this place is so unique and special that it cannot be compared to anything else, and no matter how many or which words I use – they can`t do justice to the way I feel.

I spent three months at Chuckleberry, and while the concept of time functions a little differently there which makes it feel more like 3 days, the amount of experience and knowledge I gained during my stay is so tremendous that I can honestly say Chuckleberry is the most valuable experience I have made so far.

I came to this place as a young solo work&traveler, shy and insecure and not knowing what to expect… and what I found was a place that now feels like home, with people that feel like family.

What Jon created there is so much more than „just“ a Microgreen-Farm.
He created a truly magical place in the middle of nature, surrounded by trees and waterfalls and with the most amazing view. 
This place draws the most beautiful human-beings from all over the world and encourages them to go on a self-discovery journey within. 
To connect with each other in a way that goes way beyond those usually superficial connections that you are used to by living within society.
It teaches you about alternative, sustainable living, about living in and with nature and in harmony with yourself and the people that surround you.
And there is nothing more important than this in a world which is so full of insane ignorance, blindness and egoism.

Not only did I form very meaningful relationships; this place also helped me to discover parts of myself that I didn`t know they even exist.
In a stage of my life at which I was seeking to find out who I am, struggling and frustrated with myself, this place tought me how to fully accept and genuinely be myself.
It made me realize and experience what I already suspected: that once you start looking inside, there`s a whole universe unfolding itself. And that in order to deal with the universe outside of you, you first need to connect and learn how to live in harmony with the one within yourself.
Jon is a very wise, calm and playful human-being with a lot of knowledge about the human nature and a lot of experience… he provides a perfectly safe environment to go on this journey within.

So if you are looking for a place to reconnect with nature, to meet incredily wonderful people and to grow in a way which you most likely have never experienced before – look no further.

I am deeply grateful to everyone for making this experience so special for me.You all are very beautiful souls, and this place will stay in my heart forever.
With a lot of Love,Clara <3

Testimonial from Mishale

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Volunteer, Winter 2020

Somewhere in the mountains, surrounded by trees, you will find yourself in a special place.
Entering this place, you will find that time works differently there.
Almost as if entering a different time space reality, haha.
A place that feels like home.
You will find people connecting with each other, with ALL of what they are, and embracing all of those parts.
People who share with each other their deepest parts of themselves.
Their vulnerability.
Who hold space.
Who make you feel save.
Save to look at all that there is within you, and work through any challenges you may be facing, and supporting you with your sometimes uncomfortable journey on freeing yourself from any baggage you may be carrying around with you.
A place where you’ll connect to nature.
To silence.
Where you will find a lot of laughter and joy and ease amongst a lot of depth.
Where you feel simply free to BE.

I spend the last 5 weeks here and don’t have enough words to describe this incredible experience I had at this wonderful place.
How much I’ve learned and am taking from it.
How much I appreciate and love everyone in the community, for it’s them who made my experience so very valuable to me.
Parts of me feel truly transformed, and I’m still reveling in all these beautiful moments I experienced here that will now turn into beautiful memories that I will always carry with me.

Thank you to everyone and I miss you all already,

with mountains of love and appreciation,


Testimonial from Nick

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Volunteer Winter 2019

Going to Chuckleberry was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. Looking back: I can now look back with clarity and see how this was the right step in my journey to reach my full potential – reaching my inner self, connecting to the consciousness and overall learning skills that I will need to create my own community.

The biggest takeaway I have from this place is the inner work we were able to learn. The tracking in the morning was a big eye opener for me. So soothing for the body and mind, a form of meditation – connecting me to the present and also giving me a chance to express how I feel that morning. And in return, connection with everybody and their consciousness, creating a sense of solidarity.

The Emotional Intelligence is a brilliant type of therapy, and would probably change the world if more people were doing it. So many people have dark places they are afraid to attend to, and for me it seemed so efficient to getting to know people. It literally felt like I knew some of my partners [from the workshop] better in 2 hours of EI than my current friends.

The breathwork was an incredible experience! Scary but so fascinating. Who knew we have that much energy in our body at any given moment ?! And all the things I learnt about building. Laying floors, fixing the siding of a house, chainsawing etc. Everything to get me ready for my own place.

And lastly: thanks for providing a space where a group of people with different personalities can live in harmony without fear of getting judged. Only living with acceptance of each other and love for each other.

Thank you Jon!

Testimonial from Ida

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Volunteer Winter 2019

You know when something amazing happens in your life that seems to happen at the right place and time in your life, that’s certainly what happened to me when I arrived at Chuckleberry. I’ve learned so much here, both about myself and other and also got so much inspiration about living in a community.

One thing I really love about this place is how safe I always feel being around people here. It’s like this place just has a “non-judgmental vibe” that shines through everywhere, making it ok and easy to be vulnerable and exactly who you are. Especially when it comes to feelings. I have always had a hard time expressing and showing my feelings and especially talking in front of big groups is something I’ve been terrified of all my life.

And it’s such a shame since I always had a lot of creative ideas and things to share, but always been afraid to do so, and skipping a lot of opportunities to “speak out” because of my fear. Chuckleberry has been such a great opportunity to practice this in a safe environment and I’ve come to the conclusion that my fear is just in my mind making stories and barriers saying that “I can’t do it”… and I’ve realized that it’s not true at all ! Overcoming this fear and understanding more about my emotions and the mind is something that I’ve been able to do in the Emotional Intelligence every Sunday.

There is so many things I’ve learned by being here, but just to mention some of them that are very important to me, here they are:

  • One of the most important things about successful communities is the way we communicate with each other and showing and talk about our triggers and emotions
  • Insights about past traumas and ideas on how to deal with them
  • Learned that actually I’m a good leader, even though my mind always been trying to tell me that I’m “too weak” or “too sensitive” or “too shy”
  • A way of letting all my creativity out that I’ve been holding on to by singing, playing music and writing…having so much fun <3

And the last thing I want to mention is how grateful I am for connecting with all these wonderful people in this community….you all mean the world for me giving so much love, inspiration and wise words and supportive discussions.

It’s been an unforgettable experience.

Thank you all <3 <3

Sending you all my best wishes and love and light <3